My United States Map
U.S. States Map Creator


Select the state you have visited on the list!

Select the state you want to mark on the list. In multiple color mode, states can be painted in different colors for each category. You can save brief notes for each state.

Visualize the states you have visited on the U.S. map!

This app shows the states you have visited on the U.S. map! By displaying the labels, you can easily locate states on the map. The map can be zoomed in and out.

Keep track of your travel experiences! Up to 10 different maps can be saved!

You can save up to 10 maps for various uses. You can open and edit the map offline.

15 languages are supported!

This app supports 15 languages: English, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, Thai and Vietnamese.

Create your own map by customizing and share it through social media!

The map can be saved as a image in the device and shared through various social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LINE. You can also export data with state codes in CSV format that can be analyzed in Excel or GIS.

Use Cases

Track the states you have visited on vacation

Track the states you have visited on business trips

Track the states where you have lived or stayed

Notes on the states you want to visit next

Manage collections of goods, stickers, etc.

Data analysis and visualization