Pon-Pon Attendance
Attendance tracker app

What is Pon-Pon Attendance?

This is an app to manage the members' attendance. You can record and keep track of your members' attendance status ("present" or "absent") with simple operations. This app can be used for a wide range of purposes, including attendance management for meetings, classes, events, money collection, duty assignment, etc.


You can register a name and members for the group. You can see the attendance of the members registered for each event in a tabular format.


You can manage each event related to the group. By touching a member's name on the screen, the attendance status of that member changes. You can take attendance with just one tap on a member.


You can set the category of the member's attendance status. In addition to ”present" and "absent", you can add your own categories such as "late", "remote", and "planned".