Smart Bubble Sheet
For Multiple Choice Questions

What is Smart Bubble Sheet?

This app recreates the bubble sheet (scantron sheet, mark sheet, multiple-choice answer sheet) on your smartphone or tablet to help you practice for multiple choice exams.

This app is recommended for all those who are studying to take the multiple choice exam such as SAT, ACT, ISAT, STAAR, TOEFL, TOEIC, etc.


Set your preferred choice options, size and color!

Set your favorite choice options, size and color on the settings screen.

Answer sheet app for multiple choice questions!

Enter your answers from the multiple choice options on the screen.

Enter the correct answers and score the exam!

Enter the correct answer and check the result. Exam scores will be calculated automatically.

The pace of answering is visualized!

When you have set the pacing, the planned pace of answering the question is visualized beside the question number.

Analyze the time it took you to answer!

The analysis screen allows you to analyze the time taken to answer each question. You can compare the actual time with the planned time.

Manage your past exams and their scores!

You can save your exam history and keep track of your scores. Past exams can be duplicated and reused.

Choice Options

The multiple choice options can be freely customized; for example, "ABC", "abcde", "0123456789".


You can select your favorite color scheme design for each exam.